120 assets owned
and leased on the market, as well as
plenty of undeveloped land



2.4 million sqm



95% of properties are formed
of operating properties used for

Property management

In coordination with central and regional departments, Property Management oversees the management of leases under asset management and market leases of the Leonardo Group, ensuring proper compliance with all administrative and tax obligations. It also looks after the entire contractual cycle, from stipulating and renewing asset and liability lease contracts and state concessions, to the recurring management of contractual, administrative and tax relationships with the tenant/landlord. This department also runs housing services on behalf of Leonardo to identify and manage company accommodation, guaranteeing to help with establishing rental requirements and selecting the most effective property solutions, while then coordinating the subsequent contractual arrangements.

Asset management

Asset Management guides the strategic management of real estate, on the one hand, guaranteeing continuous improvements in efficiency for property sites and spaces, and on the other hand, the development of properties that are no longer operational. In terms of improvements in efficiency for spaces, it offers continuous support to the Leonardo Group’s departments to help redefine them, with the goal of optimising the use of real estate, while redefining standards of use and facilitating their application at operating sites.

Asset Management also plans and establishes, in accordance with the departments, programmes to streamline the real estate footprint, from establishing the business plan to approving operations and right up to completing initiatives. In terms of development, Asset Management produces sales and acquisitions strategies, implementing the development of real estate operations.

It also identifies, negotiates and stipulates new lease spaces to and from the market. In this context, it conducts feasibility studies and monitors real estate markets; it establishes what to do and develops non-operational properties, including through urban transformation processes to change the intended use of properties, with the goal of maximising their value and increasing market demand; and it also sets marketing policies, including by establishing partnerships and joint ventures with real estate operators and investors.

Foreign governance

Leonardo has an industrial presence in over 30 countries, primarily concentrated in the 3 domestic markets of the UK, Poland and the USA, in terms of operating sites and employees. About 25% of its assets are owned through local subsidiaries. LGS’s governance level over foreign assets ranges from regular updates of real estate registry details (regular surveys) to authorising special operations for the leasing, acquisition or sale of properties, encouraging the application of group guidelines.