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Catering is one of the services which Leonardo Global Solutions provides to employees of the Leonardo Group, combining a focus on people’s mental and physical well-being and promoting eco-sustainable choices.

An evolutionary process was launched in 2019, which completely rethinks the subject of “Catering” and focuses on reviewing how to reduce our environmental impact.


LGS handles the continuous improvement of spaces and, generally speaking, the comfort of employees, following a design concept based on social interaction in the sense of an opportunity to get together, which combines the joy of good food with the possibility of being in a comfortable, fully renovated environment, going beyond the traditional concept of a company canteen.


By creating innovative menus, LGS promotes a balanced food culture, using select products to raise awareness among employees about the importance of a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Reducing plastic as well, by replacing bottles and adding water dispensers, is one of the practical steps we take to reduce our environmental impact.In synergy with Leonardo, LGS promotes the Responsible Canteens Programme, in partnership with the Fondazione Banco Alimentare Onlus (non-profit food bank foundation), involving the Group’s canteens in Italy to donate excess food to regional charities. Since it was launched, the Programme has helped recover over €2.5 million’s worth of food with a fully circular approach.


square metres of canteen space


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chefs and assistant chefs

Move for Wellness: our initiatives


We focus on the quality of ingredients, the quality and timing of cooking (training courses for chefs) and on the sustainability of the food’s entire life-cycle. We promote a culture of a “healthy diet” (cooking shows, cooking videos, mini brochures, etc.).


Information and training on a proper lifestyle linked to diet and daily exercise. Awareness campaigns on a proper lifestyle (posters, placemats, freebies, etc.). Plastic-Free Programme, a campaign to use water dispensers and reduce the use of bottles.


We continuously improve spaces redesigned to be comfortable and renovated to encourage social interaction.

Mobility Management

The Leonardo Group is firmly focusing on integrating sustainability in its business strategies. It recently established and released its priorities in this area for the next few years. Leonardo’s sustainability goals are like a compass that shows the way for any decisions to be made. They indicate the selection criteria to consider when assessing the various possible alternatives, including in terms of mobility.

The mobility choices made by Leonardo Global Solutions contribute towards more sustainable development for future generations too.

Together towards new mobility



This involves 38 sites with over 28,000 people. Commuting is an opportunity to improve people’s well-being and to contribute towards sustainability. LGS has identified a series of initiatives that aim to offer alternatives to the use of private cars, which to date is the clear favourite means of transport for Leonardo’s people on their commute.

Shared transportation

  • Introducing shuttles from the public transport hub (stations/underground/etc.)
  • Subsidised travel passes for public transport
  • Car pooling platform 
  • Centralised monitoring of the shuttle service

Soft mobility

  • Special deals for purchasing and insuring bikes and scooters
  • Stands for parking bikes and scooters
  • Available vehicles for sharing (company or third party)

Experience sharing

  • Sharing experiences and solutions with Mobility Managers from similar companies to Leonardo in terms of size and complexity
  • Collaborations with neighbouring companies to share joint projects

Travel Management

The Leonardo way of travelling is guaranteed by Leonardo Global Solutions, which adopts an approach that can integrate traditional and digital skills.
Through a real self-booking tool, employees can manage their work trips on their own, also keeping costs under control.

About 200,000 trips were managed in 2021 for a total expenditure of about €100 million.

Fleet Management

Leonardo Global Solutions handles the management of the company fleet, effectively and promptly meeting the Group’s sustainability and mobility needs. In close synergy with Leonardo, it sets the management guidelines, carries out meticulous coordination of the various people involved and, when needs be, offers effective mobility solutions. LGS works to optimise every aspect of fleet management and is playing an active part in reaching an almost entirely “green” company fleet by 2025.


Vehicles managed in the fleet


Vehicles for mixed use


Vehicles for use with production and business

The current challenge: Going Green

In terms of fleet management, the company has accepted the challenge connected to an extremely topical issue: reducing polluting emissions. More specifically, this involves lowering polluting substances linked to the mobility of employees who use company vehicles.
LGS has therefore chosen to replace its means of transport used for production and business with green vehicles. In order to share and bring employees closer to this new way of driving, a car-sharing service was introduced using only electric and hybrid vehicles.
The goal? To promptly meet the entire Leonardo Group’s needs to “move” by using an increasingly sustainable fleet of vehicles.