With Mission Future at Decimomannu, the International Flight Training School

17 July 2023

In this seventh edition of Mission Future, Massimiliano, Claudia and Ivan tell us how Leonardo Global Solutions (LGS), together with other Leonardo entities, contributed to the creation of the International Flight Training School (IFTS) headquarters at the Italian Air Force base in Decimomannu (Sardinia.)

The International Flight Training School (IFTS) was created due to a collaboration between the Italian Air Force, with its consolidated expertise in training military pilots, and Leonardo, which provides the most advanced digital simulation techniques used to train pilots who are preparing to operate the latest generation of combat aircraft, in the most complex operational scenarios. Today, at the Air Force base in Decimomannu, Sardinia, the school represents one of the most advanced campuses in the world for top guns, with an infrastructure like few in the world and one that brings with it a very high degree of technological innovation, generating important territorial gains, both in terms of employment and economics.

For the new school headquarters, LGS, in particular, oversaw the construction of the civil infrastructure, including the campus housing IFTS cadets, designed as a hospitality and training space. The campus focuses on the well-being of the school's guests, with restaurants, accommodation, recreational areas, numerous green spaces and a vast multi-sports centre. Student training takes place inside the classrooms, but also in the hangars that house high-tech aircraft and flight simulators.

Massimiliano Bertini, Head of Projects and Construction Sites for Flight, welcomes us at the entrance of the base and talks about the project and his professional path in the company, emphasising how important it is to have a constant focus on team growth and development.

Claudia De Simone, a civil engineering graduate from the Federico II University in Naples, is now Head of the Service Innovation Unit and coordinates all the services necessary for the daily life of Leonardo's plants. As she takes us inside the cadets' quarters, she explains the specific details of this project and the challenges faced together with her colleagues.

Ivan Borruso, Project Manager of Flight Construction Sites, and a civil engineering graduate from La Sapienza in Rome, leads us on a tour of the buildings and hangars. Ivan followed all the project from the capturing of client requirements, through the entire planning phase, to the execution of the work.

The protagonists of this edition, while playing different roles, share a passion for challenges, and a propensity for innovation and teamwork. They tell us about the development of a construction site that over the months required a lot of creativity, but at the same time meticulous planning and organisation.

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